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Personal Training

When you are making changes for your health, it helps to have someone in your corner. Think you hate exercise? A trainer can make it fun. Do you  have a hard time following through with your planned workouts? An appointment with your trainer books fitness into your schedule. Swore you’d never set foot in a gym again? Trainers make you feel as though the gym was built just for you. Truly exceptional personal training is as much about support as it is exercise, and we make every effort to make Body by Bennett the kind of place you can be successful in.

When you walk through the doors at Body by Bennett, we are all here for you.

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  • Body by Bennett Personal Training in Edmonton Alberta

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Private training means one-on-one workouts with your trainer. These sessions are excellent for rehabilitation, pre and post-natal workouts, and training towards athletic goals, because your trainer can focus closely on technical details. And for busy people, private sessions can be a break from projects, to-do lists, and paperwork. One hour in the day to find your own balance.


Semi-private training is a great way to spend time with your friends, spouse, or even the kids. Train with one partner, or bring in up to a group of four. You enjoy a personalized workout, individual attention, and the unique combination of competition and motivation that only friends can inspire!

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