Project Description

My passion is water skiing – a very physically and mentally challenging sport.  I was having injury issues but didn’t want to give up the sport.  I could see that I needed to increase my fitness level and do sport specific training.  I checked out several gyms and compared their approach, qualifications, and facilities.  I decided to go with Body by Bennett because I thought they had the most to offer me.

Almost 25 years ago I attended the 3 week Queens Executive Program which, in addition to the management courses, a healthy lifestyle was emphasized.  At that point, I made a commitment that fitness would be an integral part of my life.  In addition to the health benefits, the demands of water skiing provides a strong motivation to stay in shape.

My biggest struggle to maintain a healthy lifestyle has been work, travel, and family commitments.  In the past, these  would take me away from exercise and I would stop for extended periods of time.  Each time I started again, it was a major struggle to get back in shape.  Working out alone was a challenge and my workouts got to be routine.

I realized I needed professional input to not only break up the routine but to do the sport specific training competitive waterskiing demanded.

After committing to my personal fitness, I have always resumed working out as soon as possible after a delay for any reason.  As a result, I have enjoyed a fairly high level of fitness and have participated in several sports.  Because competitive water skiing is a very physically demanding sport, I had to “kick it up a notch”.

With the help of Body by Bennett, I have been able to achieve new personal bests in competition.  This year I set two more.

Obviously my favourite sport is waterskiing.   Seriously, waterskiing is an anaerobic sport requiring strength, power, flexibility, balance, and cardio.  I enjoy the new challenges my trainer devises to improve these areas.

At Body by Bennett, I really enjoy the friendly welcoming atmosphere and the workouts that are tailored to my specific goals.  The B3 trainers are very professional and knowledgeable, and the facilities are great.