Project Description

As a thank-you for looking after their home, my dad gave me some of his training sessions at Body by Bennett. Before that, “life” had pulled me out of the gym for quite a while and it felt so great to get back into exercising that I just kept going.

At B3 I am never bored!

I  maintain strong motivation both mentally and physically because I have my trainer encouraging me.

I’ve had knee and shoulder injuries in the past that are now manageable due to the rehabilitation I’ve completed at B3. When you’re suffering from an injury, having a trainer who is educated and conscientious is invaluable for effective recovery.

Continuing to train while pregnant has been my biggest struggle; however, I still attend sessions each week which has made a huge difference. My trainer is extremely educated in pre-natal activity and has been a great resource when it comes to staying active during my pregnancy both in and outside the gym.

My greatest success: still making it to training sessions at 35 weeks pregnant!