Project Description

A couple years ago, I was trying to manage a full time job, a disability I acquired when I was 16 (spinal cord injury), IBS, all the while trying to train and compete in hand cycling.

I had no idea how poor my health actually was.

I was fortunate enough to choose my well-being over full time work, and started a journey towards better health. I originally sought out several different specialists but was averse to their focus on my limitations as a quadriplegic; it was routinely a push to “lift weights” rather than develop a whole body system. I had seen Body by Bennett often, as I live very close by. I checked out their website, heard great things from others and decided with some trepidation to just drop in to feel it out.

I was afraid I’d be turned away; thought of as a client too complex or a poor fit for B3. Right away I was welcomed, and felt at home.

My trainer has dovetailed my strength training with my other coaching, competition and therapeutic treatments. He keeps it interesting and really inspires me by making me feel confident and mindful that I can push beyond my current skills and abilities.

Managing bad habits and staying motivated when sports related injuries interfere with training and competition has been a struggle during my training. However, I have seen great success in competition, reaching 94% of the National Hand Cycling Team standard last August. In the gym, I’ve developed the best body symmetry I’ve ever had and the ability to progress muscle groups I’ve never been able to since becoming a quadriplegic. I feel more solid than ever and can’t wait to see how this cycling season goes!

Body by Bennett is a place where I am not nervous or self-conscious, but motivated to ferociously reach for the best me yet.

The staff all know my name and always make me feel welcome. I truly love being challenged every time I’m there in every exercise we try.