Project Description

I was training for Nationals and took a bad dive, landing horizontally. After getting my back checked out by a doctor, he told me I had fractured my last vertebrae. I tried to regain my core strength and back muscles by going to Pilates classes, however, this didn’t work so I called B3.
After working with my trainer, I began to see tremendous improvements. I’m sure I would slack off if I only relied on myself to train but it’s much easier to listen and be motivated by someone else.

It gets me results and this is what keeps me on track with my program.

My biggest struggle throughout this process was keeping hope; I was unsure that I would ever get better and really worried that I would not get back into diving shape again. But after careful reflection, my goals shifted. I decided to stop diving; it was a hard decision but I realized it wasn’t what I wanted to do with my life. I want to pursue a career as a police officer and have begun to train for that. My biggest success is that my back is mostly pain-free! I teach diving four times a week and do not have to worry about my back anymore.

What I love most about B3 is that I can walk in and talk to anyone; it’s a very friendly environment and I feel lucky that both locations are so convenient.