Project Description

I came to start at Body by Bennett after I received recommendations from multiple friends to train there. Shortly after my training sessions began, the four-woman group I was in at my previous gym also made the move to B3!

I find that having a personal trainer and appointments, rather than relying on my own initiative (or lack thereof) has truly helped me stick with my fitness program.

At times, I struggle with medical issues that slow down my progress and require me to take a break from working out. Also, the fact that I have no concrete goals like running a marathon or bench pressing three times my body weight means that I must draw my motivation from a more general sense of wanting to be healthy and in shape which can be a struggle from time to time.

However, my greatest success is that despite beginning regular exercise for the first time in my mid-forties, I now come to the gym twice a week on a regular basis. I feel stronger, fitter and am able to jog which my knees would not allow me to do for twenty-five years!

Most of all, the trainers, staff, clients, and clients’ pets at Body by Bennett are friendly and charming.  My trainer is smart and attentive to what my body can and cannot do; he also does not let me get away with ignoring cardio, which is my weakness. Finally, it doesn’t hurt that sometimes there are Edmonton Oilers working out at the same time as me, even if I don’t recognize them!