Project Description

I had completed a marathon as part of 50th birthday year and while I love the experience of training and the marathon, I realized to do another I needed more help. Body by Bennett was recommended to me and I met with David Low and he helped me get started.

I wanted to do a marathon a year in my 50s and knew that I needed to be stronger, fitter and better in order to accomplish my goal.

My first marathon was Chicago in 2006 and it was a great experience but I was a mess afterwards! That was in the fall of 2006 and in September of 2007 I went to B3 with my plan and goals. Since then I have run marathons in London, Dublin, Athens, Reykjavik, Paris, Rome, Barcelona, Stockholm and this fall Berlin. 10 in the decade of my 50s.

The 8 that I have done with B3 have been significantly better than my first!!

What has helped you stick with your fitness program? 

1. GOALS.  I am like most people and in the absence of goals too many other things in life can take you away from what you should be doing for your health and fitness.

2. MY TRAINER.  I make a commitment to Devan to be there and to be ready to train.

The annual goals we set keep my trainer and I on a path to meet and accomplish the Goals.  Without goals it would be too easy to miss workouts.

My biggest struggle so far has been carving out the time to make the workouts and work on the goals. Life is so busy – family, kids, spouse, friends, work – endless demands on your time.  It can be tough to get to the gym at 6:00 am but once there I have never regretted a workout!

My greatest success has been being selfish enough to make the time for myself, learning to arrange other aspects of my life around my fitness goals, booking business meetings so that I can workout in the morning or get that noon run in. Being mindful at a party that I have a workout or run the next morning. Making better decision has helped a great deal.  It was very hard to do, but after a while when you see and feel the benefits you realize you are doing the right thing.

At Body by Bennett, we change things up regularly in order to challenge me, so there is not much of a routine to get used to.   I have enjoyed lifting and seeing the progression over a 6-week period. Devan keeps track of our workouts and he can show me the increase in weights and it gives me a real sense of accomplishment.

I have also like the improvement in fitness – body fat, weight, anaerobic threshold, V02max. All of these are important metrics to better health.

What I like about B3 is that there really is a culture and personality there. I have had three trainers over the 9 years that I have been there and while each is rather different, they have the same focus and client attention. Each of them has been committed to helping me meet my goals. They push me hard, take me to where I am uncomfortable and show me what I am capable of.

The atmosphere at the gym is very good. Each person doing their own session working towards their own goals. Very supportive environment. And all the trainers make it a relaxed place to be. We have fun!

Each time I have finished a marathon, I cross the line with them – they are a significant reason that I am achieving the goals that I set.  I am both fortunate and grateful to have Devan as my trainer. He commits to my goals and pushes me to do what has to be done.