Project Description

I got my start at Body by Bennett simply by walking into the studio one day after a hair appointment. Due to some surgeries, I hadn’t been active in nearly two years and knew I needed some help getting back into routine. At this point I had two very simple goals: I wanted to be able to kneel and get up and I wanted to be able to play with my grandkids.

I felt I didn’t have the confidence to get started on my own and realized I needed an outside influence to get me active again.

The staff at Body by Bennett assured me that I could reach those goals and encouraged me to come three times per week. Soon after, I was able to kneel, stand up, keep up with my grandkids and even play tennis with my son! It was after these successes that I began to consider other personal fitness goals. In November, I completed a three day yoga and hiking retreat in California. Each day consisted of five hours of yoga and four hours of hiking at 3000ft elevation! This was a big goal of mine and for ten months I prepared for it with lots of stair climbs, leg strength, core and overall endurance training.

I feel it is my relationship with my trainer that has really helped me stick with my program.

I always appreciate the fact that even other staff members know my name and celebrate my progress; the level of care is genuine, authentic and not just there for business. B3 is a professional, honest, welcoming environment with extremely knowledgeable and competent staff.