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Judy Garber

"Having a personal trainer and appointments, instead of relying on my own initiative
(or lack thereof) has truly helped me stick with my fitness program"

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A Healthier You

a sleep away!

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Healthy Gut, Healthy Life

Continuing research has proven that a flourishing, balanced gut microbiome has a huge impact on our metabolism, and immune system. It is key in developing a high functioning body.

The biome lines our digestive tract like a protective film. When it is healthy it has two functions. It provides a protective barrier from foreign pathogens (preventing us from getting sick) and efficiently absorb the nutrients your body needs from food. This can be easily disrupted [...]

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Kick Start your Metabolism

How often do you hear someone blame genetics for the state of his or her metabolism?

Your metabolism is genetic in a sense that we are all born with the ability to break down food to create energy. A “fast” or “slow” metabolism is determined by your basal metabolic rate (the number of calories your body burns at rest). Someone with a lower BMR will burn fewer calories at rest compared to someone with a [...]

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Does Sleep Effect Weight Loss?

If you thought that under eye circles were the worst consequence for lack of sleep, then guess again! Not only will sleep facilitate our ability to concentrate and retain information but plays an important role in weight management.

First, lets take a look at the science of sleep. Specifically, how sleeping ensures that we are able to recover and restore our mind, body and spirit to handle the daily demands of life.

On average, sleep experts [...]

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