Continuing research has proven that a flourishing, balanced gut microbiome has a huge impact on our metabolism, and immune system. It is key in developing a high functioning body.

The biome lines our digestive tract like a protective film. When it is healthy it has two functions. It provides a protective barrier from foreign pathogens (preventing us from getting sick) and efficiently absorb the nutrients your body needs from food. This can be easily disrupted if your diet is high in trans fat, high sugar, and low in fibre. If your gut is out of sorts with symptoms such as chronic bloating or recurring indigestion you should focus on your probiotic consumption, which will encourage the good bacteria to flourish and slowly push out the bad bacteria.

Along with a whole food balanced diet, probiotics can help you change your gut biome and restore gut health. While some may find just adding foods rich in probiotics such as yogurt, raw cheese and uncultured vegetables is enough, others need added supplementation.

Creating a healthy gut has more benefits than just digestive relief. You will also experience more energy, reduced cold and flu, healthier skin and weight loss. Body inflammation will be reduced and your immunity will become stronger.

WHAT should you look for when buying a probiotic supplement?

  • Formulated by a doctor

The combination of strain type, quantity and prebiotic determines the products quality. Look for real doctors specializing in gut health and their recommendations backing the product.

  • High CFU Count

A higher number of CFUs will have a larger impact on the growth of good bacteria within your gut flora. Search for a formula with minimum 40 billion CFUs.

  • Multiple Strains

Taking a probiotic with a variety of good bacteria will help promote balance your microbiome. Unfortunately most probiotic supplements on the market only provide one type of strain.