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  • I agree to be bound by any rules, regulations & privileges of the facility as set forth by Body by Bennett LTD. I understand that in the event of my noncompliance, Body by Bennett LTD management reserves the right to take whatever action is deemed necessary.1. I will provide Body by Bennett a complete description of any injuries or illnesses my dependant(s) has which may affect their ability to participate in any program and I affirm that they are physically able to participate in fitness programs.2. I willingly, freely, and knowingly assume for myself and my heirs, family members, executors, administrators and assigns, any and all risks, dangers and the possibility of personal injury, death and loss resulting there from which is associated with my dependants’ participation in Body by Bennett training.3. I understand that during a personal training session, my dependant’s trainer may have to use Touch Training to correct alignment and/or focus my dependant's concentration on a particular muscle area to be targeted. If I feel uncomfortable or experience any type of discomfort with Touch Training, or I become aware of or suspect that my dependant is experiencing any such discomfort, I will immediately request that my dependant’s trainer discontinue using this technique.4. I understand that during a personal training session, my dependant is prohibited from using any exercise equipment or be exercise engaged in any capacity during the session unless supervised by my dependant’s trainer.5. In consideration of Body by Bennett accepting my application for personal training, group training, athletics training, specialty classes/workshops, and/or for personal use of the facility, I hereby release and forever discharge Body by Bennett and its employees & instructors from any and all claims, demands and liability in connection with my participation and my dependant’s participation in the above mentioned personal training, group training, athletics training, specialty classes/workshops, and/or from my personal use of the facility or my dependant’s use of the facility, however such claims, demands or liability may occur , including negligence on behalf of Body by Bennett LTD and its training staff.I acknowledge that I have read this document and releases of legal liability and that I fully understand that it is intended to release Body by Bennett LTD, its employees and instructors from any and all liability for loss and/or damage of every kind and description whatsoever.
  • Based on the above agreements made by the client, Body by Bennett LTD hereby agrees to provide fitness consultation and training sessions to the client’s dependants.
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