Project Description

I started at B3 after winning 4 sessions at a silent auction I attended. It was quite a number of months after winning the sessions that I finally followed through and booked them. I was 45 years old and went on a fairly extensive summer vacation where a picture was taken of me with my shirt off. Now, I knew that I had been gradually putting on the pounds over the past several years and that I was topping out at almost 230 pounds, but it was when I looked at that picture and did not like what I saw that I was prompted to take some action. Even more than the excess weight, I was feeling generally lethargic with more and more of the aches and pains that come with middle age. I knew at that point that I had to decide whether to head into the later stages of my life as a lazy couch potato and accept the consequences, or do something about it. I decided to use my four sessions to see how it was. I have to say I’ve always been fairly intimidated by gyms – I’m not a natural athlete and felt like I would be the only unfit one in this gym full of ripped people. David and the rest of the staff made it very comfortable, however.

A couple of things have helped me stick with the program – first and foremost, I saw real results and started feeling a lot better. I dropped 30 pounds within a year of starting and have managed to keep most of that off. I have much better mobility and feel generally better about myself, both physically and mentally. It was a real boost to be forced to shop for new clothes because my current wardrobe no longer fit. But there were times when it wasn’t easy – and having some accountability to the trainers was also a motivating factor. I always got the feeling that they took as their personal success or failure when I succeeded or failed. It always feels like we’re in this together.

The biggest struggle has always been, and continues to be, trying to maintain a consistent schedule because of how much I travel for work. It is very difficult to maintain the discipline that is needed when I’m out of town – both with my diet as well as finding the time to get to the gym when staying at hotels.

My best success, outside of the results I’ve already mentioned, is that exercise has now become part of my life. It’s no longer a decision every time and I feel much better. My favourite workout is chest and arms at the moment because I’m seeing real progress and results. And I mean, really, who enjoys doing legs?

The thing I like most about B3 has to be the staff who make going to the gym fun. I always feel welcome there – not only by my personal trainer but by the everyone in the place. It’s not so terribly serious like it is in other gyms. It’s a fun place to be – and you’re getting healthy at the same time.