Project Description

I first started at Body by Bennett when I was 14; as an aspiring hockey player, I needed to work on increasing the strength aspect of my game. Since then, B3 has been a huge influence on my career.

What has helped you stick with your athletic training program?

The great atmosphere coupled with the amazing staff has helped me stay committed to my fitness program each year.

What is your favourite workout right now?

My favourite exercise right now is yoga; during the season my body undergoes a lot of stress so it is a very effective way to release some of that tension.

What do you like about Body by Bennett?

I like the competitiveness within the group settings at B3; training with others who are goal oriented and focused is motivating and produces great results. Monitoring the progress I make at the end of each summer is always encouraging. I love the fact that every year B3 is able to find new ways to be innovative and maintain a competitive edge.