Project Description

At the Peak of Success

After years of becoming more sedentary and slowly gaining, my weight had hit an all-time high of 250 pounds. My doctor warned that regular ECGs, medication for high blood pressure, and possibility diabetes were in my future if I didn’t start losing the excess weight. I attended the Weight Wise program through Alberta Health Services and although it provided a good theoretical base, I was left completely on my own to try to change my eating and exercising habits. I thought of getting a personal trainer, but it seemed such an extravagance. But I also knew that if I didn’t get help with some structure and motivation, I would never do it on my own. I procrastinated for months until finally a friend pushed me into calling for a consultation.

I knew right away that the personal attention would keep me on track.

I thought the studio would be so intimidating, but it turned out to be a very nice place to go. The attitude at B3 was so positive: “of course this will work and we are here to help you”. And as promised, results seemed to come quickly. The biggest factor in sticking with my fitness program has to be the regular contact my trainer and the scheduled appointments. I’m eager to get to my workouts and I always leave feeling great.

My goal was to lose 75 pounds, and if I started to look too far ahead it seemed too daunting and very discouraging. My trainer helped me focus on the day to day, and was able to provide constructive feedback and an objective perspective that progress was being made. Now, the struggle is with losing ground over holidays or other breaks from training. I’ve reached my initial weight loss goals, and now I want to focus on how to integrate what I’ve learned into my life. (Or is that integrate my life into what I’ve learned?)

I used to love hiking and trekking, but since I had become so out of shape, I hadn’t thought of climbing anything for a long time.

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro became both my personal goal and my big reward for all the hard work that I was putting in.

It was an amazing experience to reach the summit on December 31st, after 5 long days of hiking through rainforest, moorland, and alpine highlands. The last 10 hours were a grueling ascent; switch-backing across volcanic ash and scree. We left in the middle of the night to be able to see the sun rise over top of the clouds below – the peak is so high, that you can see the curve of the earth.

I like the personalization and flexibility of working out at Body by Bennett. If I need to change my schedule or want to add or skip a personal training session it can usually be accommodated. I love the variety; every PT session is challenging in a different way. The additional group training sessions are fun and a great workout. Everyone is there with their own goals but the competition is very motivating.

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