Project Description

About four years ago an injury and hospitalization sidelined my overall fitness and I began a more focused approach to my health. I was frustrated but determined as I struggled with recovering some function and mobility. I tried a number of different approaches but ultimately, I felt my progress was too slow. Eventually, a friend recommended Body by Bennett; I called, met with my trainer and have not looked back.

Before Body by Bennett I went through episodes where I would improve and then stall for periods of time.

I found plateaus frustrating and not consistent with what I knew my body was capable of doing. Since I started with B3, however, I can measure and feel change across the board: my endurance, flexibility, balance, power and speed have all improved. I am very pleased to have recovered the majority of the sensation and function that I have lost as well as reach new levels of performance.

Because of my busy schedule, training needed to fit and support other areas of my life; I need to count on bookings, convenient locations and flexible accommodations. I need to be energized and challenged by the workout but not so exhausted that I can’t maximize other hours of my day. I must be able to continue what we do in session when I travel as well. Training at B3 has struck this perfect balance; our sessions are structured, thoughtful, focused and fun. When I show up, I love not knowing what I am in for, I like the variety and I thrive on challenge.

From the professional environment, to the intelligence, respect and knowledge in their approach, I am relieved to have found a match to the drive and enthusiasm I bring to my training.

Call them today; you will not regret the time or money you invest in B3 and your health.